Rainhill Beer Festival – Age Restriction Policy

In order to comply with the terms of our Licence, Rainhill Beer Festival is adopting the Challenge 21 and Challenge 25 scheme, which are part of a scheme in the United Kingdom, introduced by the British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA), with the intention of preventing young people gaining access to age restricted products including cigarettes and alcoholic beverages.


Under the scheme, customers attempting to buy age-restricted products are asked to prove their age if in the retailer’s opinion they look under 19, 21 or 25, even though the minimum age to buy alcohol and cigarettes in the UK is 18.

Anyone who appears to be below the age of 25, seven years above the age required to buy alcohol in the UK, could be asked to provide a form of ID such as a passport, driving licence or PASS-accredited proof of age card.