2018 Beer Festival – Chairman’s statement

The Rotary Club of Rainhill are already in full swing organising our 16th Annual Beer Festival.

We are very proud of the event and believe it is the largest Charity Beer Festival in the North West.

The Beer Festival, along with our Christmas Float collections, have allowed us to donate over £250,000 to local good causes and charities over the last 15 years and we look forward to making a substantial increase to that figure this year.

For anyone who hasn’t been to the festival the event is held in a large, modern, heated marquee complex at the Recreation Club in Rainhill.

There will be over 110 barrels of beer, numerous interesting continental lagers and over 30 ciders to sample. Following the success of the Prosecco Bar, which was introduced a couple of years ago, this will be larger this year, to accommodate the increase in numbers of ladies who now come along. There is also a drivers soft drinks bar (free for drivers).

The Beer Festival does not just benefit our charities but the the whole village. All the pubs are full to bursting point and you can’t get a table an any restaurant during the event unless you book weeks in advance.

The sale of beer does not in itself generate profit over associated costs. The event relies heavily on the generosity of all our sponsors, the vast majority of whom have been with us since we started in 2002 and we are very grateful for their continued support.

We are an ageing Rotary Club and we could not manage with out our army of volunteers who help with the setting up of the bars and beers and for our lady volunteers who serve at the Proscecco and Lager Bar. We should not forget the ladies at the “Front of House” who work extremely hard and very rarely get the opportunity enjoy the festival.

As well as the Beer Festival event, we spend every evening during December walking the streets or standing at the supermarkets rattling our collection cans with our Father Christmas Sleigh. But where does the money go?

We hold a Dragons Den evening every April when we invite charities and local good causes to apply for funding. This year we donated over £18,000 on the night, and this does not include other donations we make throughout the year.

As mentioned earlier we are well under way with our preparations for this year’s event but we are always looking for sponsorship. If anyone would like to consider sponsoring a barrel of beer, lager or cider please contact us via our Web Site or Facebook.

Many thanks,

Mal Steward

Beer Festival Chairman 2018